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AT&T promises biggest launch ever for Nokia’s Lumia 900 smartphone

AT&T promises biggest launch ever for Nokia’s Lumia 900 smartphoneIn an attempt which underscores the significance of a successful launch of the new Nokia Lumia 900 in the US, AT&T is reportedly making a mammoth marketing push for the Nokia phone; and has promised that the handset’s release will mark the biggest launch ever by the carrier.

For the Lumia 900, which will hit the stores on April 8, AT&T and Nokia are coming up with a massive TV promotional campaign, in order to make the consumers aware of the impressive features of the handset, which apparently represents the best – and probably the last – opportunity for both Nokia and Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform to deliver a smash hit.

During AT&T’s marketing drive for the Nokia Lumia 900, the smartphone will get the maximum focus at the carrier’s stores, where the device will be promoted with the help of huge sign-boards as well as posters.

In addition, AT&T and Nokia have also ensured that the store representatives are given the requisite training in connection with the sales of the forthcoming handset --- so much so that most of the representatives will apparently be carrying the Lumia 900 with them at all times.

Noting that Nokia’s forthcoming Windows-based handset will debut with a number of accessories, which will send an indirect message to consumers about the uniqueness of the handset which will get significant support, AT&T’s device head Jeff Bradley told CNET during the course of a recent interview that the Lumia 900 promotion campaign is “a notch above anything we've ever done,” including the iPhone’s launch.