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Ashley treatment brings changes for 100 families

Ashley treatment brings changes for 100 familiesGrowth attenuation treatment is now being considered by several people and about five years ago when it was revealed, a fierce debate was sparked over this treatment that was over the limits of medical intervention.

Many treatments were made for Ashley, a girl who was about nine years old and had developmental disabilities when she was born. Doctors in Seattle wanted to make Ashley's life better who was unable to talk or walk and with the cognitive ability of an infant, from growing any further.

These treatments were given to her thinking that there will be an improvement in her life and she will not experience physical discomfort and pain.

But seeing her case, families in the US, Europe and beyond have opted for this treatment and about 100 families have either taken or taking the treatment.

It is nothing but a violation of civil rights for disability rights campaigners but for Ashley's father, his daughter's life is much better now.

Ashley's dad did not want to be named and this he wanted to do to preserve his family's anonymity. He said, "The Ashley treatment has made her far more likely to be comfortable, healthy and happy."