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Auckland Transition Authority Reveals Plans for Super City
Auckland Transition Authority

Details on what Auckland's new council, called Super City, would look like were recently revealed by the Auckland Transition Authority. Among other notable changes was a significant reduction in staff. According to the new plan, which is expected to be more in tune with the current demands, the document unveiled shows a definite change in the organizational structure.

As per the new proposed plan, the council will take on dual roles of regional and local council. The governing body, the mayor and councillors, will be assisted by local boards. Almost all corporate services, planning related to then, policies and strategies will be centralized.

The Public Service Association said it was happy with the proposed plans. "Aucklanders rely on their local government workers to provide a wide range of services like clean water, reliable roads, rubbish and waste water removal, libraries, parks and other recreational facilities," says PSA national secretary Richard Wagstaff.

The new and restructured organization is expected to see light by November next year. Service delivery has been quoted as the main focus. Currently, the ATA is accepting feedback on the proposed structure and a final call will be taken by January 2010, and that is when the final structure will be released.