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Xbox 360 Five years of life remains, Microsoft

xbox-360Microsoft has pronounced that its infamous Xbox 360 games console is left with only five more years of life.

The European head of Microsoft's gaming division Chris Lewis, soon after the release of Kinect has increased the gaming life span of five years.

PlaySpan produces $18M via SoftBank and Vodafone for virtual goods platform

playspanThe souk to deal with the billions of virtual goods purchases on social games, virtual worlds and social networks is intensifying.

Microsoft Kinect to be released in 10 November

microsoft-kinect-xbox-360Microsoft has proclaimed the release of Kinect motion-sensing Xbox 360 gaming to be scheduled for 10 November.

Nintendo to release next gen Wii with Blu-ray next year

Nintendo to release next gen Wii with Blu-ray next yearNintendo seems to be working on the second version of infamous Wii console for the next year.

Vikki Blake from GGS affirms the same from a source that validates the fact that comes from 2009 that states of the console that boasts of a Blu-ray drive, 1080p in a globalised release program.

Xbox 360 sales more than Nintendo Wii in July

Xbox 360 sales more than Nintendo Wii in JulyMicrosoft's Xbox 360 sales were reported to be way higher than its rival Nintendo Wii in US for the month of July.

Microsoft Patent Includes Kinect based Technology

kinect-xbox-360The technology employed in Microsoft's Kinect motion-sensing Xbox 360 gaming console has been included in the latest patent application registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Gizmodo claims that Kinect employs a technology meant for body tracking with depth mapping, voice controls and an industry standard video camera.

Google relies on Social Gaming for the challenge against Facebook

googleGoogle is looking ahead to challenge Facebook with the aid of social gaming.

Sources claim that the Search giant is in talks with a number of entertainment and online social gaming firms that also enlists Playdom and Zynga, developer of the infamous Farmville, to help develop games for its yet to be launched social networking platform.