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31% of global handset market will be low-end smartphone by 2016: HIS

L31% of global handset market will be low-end smartphone by 2016: HISow-end smartphones will account for nearly a third (31 per cent) of the worldwide overall handset market by 2016, according to analyst firm HIS.

HIS principal analyst Ian Fogg said that entry-level smartphones are very different from high-end smartphones, but there is also a significant difference in the cost of the low-end and high-end smartphones.

Nutritionists call Dukan diet ineffective

Nutritionists call Dukan diet ineffectiveThe Worst Celebrity Diet to Avoid list for next year is ready. The diet that tops the list is Dukan Diet Tops.

The worst diet as stated by the British Dietetic Association or the BDA is the Dukan Diet and has been called the worst celebrity weight loss plan of 2013.

According to the Dukan Diet, one can eat only proteins and it claims to promote weight loss of 7lb a week.

Watchdog criticises Essex hospital

Watchdog criticises Essex hospitalAfter an unannounced visit that was carried out by health inspectors, it was stated that aspects of the care of children at a hospital in Essex are totally unacceptable. The visit was done after there were two medication mistakes that were serious.

Schizophrenia patient receiving poor care

Schizophrenia patient receiving poor careAccording to a report, patient care of schizophrenics is at an all time low.

The Schizophrenia Commission has submitted a report that supports the above fact. It is an independent group of experts that has conducted a year-long inquiry into schizophrenia care in England.

Dementia friends wanted for training

Dementia friends wanted for trainingA drive to spread awareness on dementia is aiming to teach about one million people to figure out early signs of dementia so that the care of sufferers can be made better.

An announcement has been made by David Cameron that to cut down the time taken for the NHS to diagnose dementia to three months from 18 months through a trial new medical technology.

Hubby sues on DNR orders

Hubby sues on DNR ordersFor his wife's medical notes, which stated `do not resuscitate', a hospital has been taken to court by a widower. He stated that this was illegal.

David Tracey's wife Janet did not know that there were two such notices and for this Tracey is suing the hospital.

Nursing assistants giving unacceptable care of patients

Nursing assistants giving unacceptable care of patientsDue to increasing demands of nurses' time and cuts in budget, about 50,000 low-paid and unregulated assistants are carrying out the job of trained nurses, reports state.