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26 Year Old Arrested After Twitter Bomb Threat "Joke"

Twitter26 year old Paul Chambers was recently placed under arrest by the South Yorkshire Police under the Terrorism Act over suspicions of trying to "create a bomb hoax", nearly a week after he posted on his Twitter account that he would "blow" Doncaster’s Robin Hood Airport "sky high" in case his flight is delayed.

Tube and Bus Fares to Rise

Tube and Bus Fares to Rise

The tube and bus ticket prices are on a high with the rise in main lines rail fares in London. The rise has cropped up the criticism from the Rail passenger watchdog Passenger Focus against First Great Western.

In London, Tube fares are going up by an average of 3.9%, with average bus fares soaring 12.7% causing an average rise of 1.1% for main line tickets, claimed the Association of Train Operating Companies.

Anthony Smith, Passenger Focus chief executive, said: "Train companies are effectively forcing passengers into buying more expensive tickets."

Lee Kuan Yew Perceives Development for Singapore Next Year

Lee Kuan Yew

On Monday, former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew stated that after suffering the worst recession this year, Singapore is expectant to grow by around 3 percent next year with the help of the island's heavy dependence on exports to rich markets.

Perceiving the utmost proportion in the world, the Singapore international trade was 360 per cent of its gross domestic product. Consequently, less relentless than the preceding forecast of 4.0-
6.0 percent, the government currently predicts a gross domestic product contraction of 2.0-2.5 percent this year.

Postal Wars: New delivery timings scheduled, Negotiation talks go on for 12 hours

Royal Mail

Royal Mail’s strikes another blow in its attempt to further reduce operating costs. Mails will be now delivered later than earlier from the new years. The timings for delivery have been moved from the earlier schedule between 10 am to lunchtime; to the new revised time of 3 pm in the urban areas and as late as 4pm in the rural region. Additional charges will be levied for guarantee of a morning delivery. These changes along with the installation of new automated mail sorting machines are in part with their modernisation programme.

Obligatory charge for plastic bags abolished by Foodstuffs

plastic bags

Recently, campaigners making efforts to decrease use of plastic bags met with disappointment as New World supermarkets and Four Square stores in the lower North Island having abolished automatic charging for the bags.

The reason for withdrawing the charges is the decline in number of consumers, as many of them had shifted to rival supermarkets because of the five cent per bag charge.

Unity urged by Malaysia’s PM on National Day

Najib Razak

The celebrations of the independence anniversary of Malaysia were marred due to fresh racial and religious rows; and Monday saw Najib Razak, Malaysia's Prime Minster requesting the citizens to maintain unity in the multicultural nation.

The Malaysians were urged by the PM to "repair the bridges and tear down the divisive walls" that are present between the races in the nation even 52 years after nationhood and the end of colonial rule.

First dedicated wildlife rescue center announced by Singapore


With the aim of rescuing distressed animals and returning them to their native homes, Singapore is creating the first dedicated wildlife rescue center.

Singapore's 'Animal Concerns Research and Education Society' (ACRES) has initiated the Wildlife Rescue Center, which will serve protected species, nurture them back to health and return them to their native environment.

Furthermore, the ACRES also will target at educating people on protecting animals and the environment through the center.