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Jelly Bean now accounts for nearly 60% of total Android pie

jelly beanThe Jelly Bean version of Google's Android operating system, which includes Android 4.1. X, Android 4.2. X and Android 4.3. X, now accounts for nearly 60 per cent of devices running on the popular mobile platform, the latest Android distribution numbers revealed.

French privacy watchdog fines Google €150,000 over privacy policy

googleFrance's digital privacy watchdog CNIL has fined Internet search giant Google _150,000 ($204,000) for violating rules on ensuring data privacy.

The CNIL said on Wednesday that Google's new privacy policy did not specifically describe how and why it gathered consumers' data, adding that it didn't define how long it retained such data. EU authorities have also criticized the company's new privacy policy.

Google acquires Bitspin, the maker of Timely alarm clock app for Android

Google acquires Bitspin, the maker of Timely alarm clock app for AndroidAccording to reports, Internet search giant Google has acquired Bitspin, the company behind the popular Timely alarm clock app for Android. The financial terms of the Bitspin acquisition by Google have not been officially disclosed.

AllCast finally lands on Google Play store

allcastAllCast, an app that allows Android device owners to share their personal media straight on the TV via a number of streaming devices, is finally available on the Google Play store.

Google 'Doodle' commemorates 100th birthday of crossword puzzle

google 100The 100th birthday of the crossword puzzle was commemorated by Google on Saturday, with an interactive Doodle unfolding a custom crossword puzzle - created by crossword constructor Merl Reagle - on the Google home page.

Google posts doodle to mark crossword puzzle’s 100th anniversary

googleInternet search giant Google Inc posted an interactive doodle on its home page this weekend to celebrate 100th anniversary of crossword puzzle.

Google is, however, not providing an answer key for the crossword puzzle; instead it is counting on the enthusiasm of fans to share their answers on video-sharing site YouTube and some social networks.

Google mulling plan to design its own server chips: report

googleGoogle Inc. is mulling a plan to design its own server chips as part of its effort to enable its hardware and software interact with each other in a more seamless way, according to a fresh report by Bloomberg.

The report added that the tech giant, which also owns the world's biggest Internet search engine, will use ARM technology to design its own server chips.