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Healthy Homemade Meals Reduce Food Allergy Risk among Children

2013, August 10 - 13:51

image/jpeg iconHomemade-Meal.jpg

According to a study, it has been unveiled that babies who consume more fruits and vegetables and lesser packaged food items are at reduced risk of suffering from flood related allergies.

The study was carried out by a group of researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. Researcher Dr. Magnus Wickman said that up to 8% infants suffer from food allergies.

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Chocolate Strengthens Mental Health

2013, August 10 - 13:47

image/jpeg iconChocolate.jpg

A number of studies have been carried out that have said that chocolate can provide a number of health benefits. Cocoa present in chocolate is said to be key ingredient for providing great benefits.

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Higher Cigarette Taxes Linked with Decline in Drinking habits

2013, August 10 - 13:45

image/jpeg iconCigarette-Tax.jpg

It might sound a bit strange, but it's true that higher cigarette taxes are associated with decline in drinking habits among certain groups of people.

A study has been carried out that has been published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research and has uncovered the above mentioned result.

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Acute Stress Can Cause Heart Attack

2013, August 10 - 13:22

image/jpeg iconAcute-Stress.jpg

A research paper taken out by the Heart Foundation has focused on psychosocial risk factors for heart disease. In order to come up with the study, it has been found that a review of 10 year long heart research was carried out.

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Concerns Raised over Mammogram

2013, August 10 - 12:44

image/jpeg iconmammogram.jpg

There is no doubt about the fact with passage of time, more number of women are getting aware about breast cancer and importance for early diagnosis.

But there are certain places, where the breast cancer figures continue to remain at concerning level. One of such countries is Australia. Every day, seven Australian women lose their lives from breast cancer.

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Controlled Drinking Programme can Prove Beneficial

2013, August 10 - 12:41

image/jpeg iconControlled-Drinking-Programme.jpg

Abstinence is often considered to be the only reason to fix drinking problem. But such is not the case, said experts.

One of the recent ways to solve the problem is to adopt controlled-drinking program. Bronwyn Hegarty from the University of Wollongong organizes controlled-drinking program at the university’s Northfields Clinic.

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Amazon will reportedly launch next-gen Kindle Fire tablet this fall

2013, August 10 - 12:08

image/jpeg iconKindle-Fire-Tablet.jpg

According to some recent reports, including one from BGR, Amazon is planning to launch its next-generation Kindle Fire tablet - the third-generation Kindle Fire - this fall. The tablet will probably mark a substantial improvement over its predecessor, and will be more similar to Kindle Fire HD than the previous models.

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Slim’s America Movil to Acquire Remaining 70% Shares in KPN

2013, August 10 - 10:19

image/jpeg iconAmerica-Movil.jpg

Carlos Slim's America Movil SAB is looking forward to strike a lucrative deal to buy the rest of Royal KPN NV for 7.2 billion euros. This could interfere with a bigger deal by the Dutch carrier to sell its German business to Telefonica SA.

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Wholesale Inventories Fall in the US for the Third Month

2013, August 10 - 10:17

image/jpeg iconWholesale-Inventories.jpg

Growing demand has brought good news for the US economy as inventories have been reported to go down unexpectedly in June for the third month.  It is the longest string in almost four years, attributing to the burgeoning demands.

After a drop of 0.6% in May in stockpiles, a 0.2% decrease had been recorded in June, affirmed the Commerce Department today in Washington.

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Mr. Ackman Fly Charges over Strategy at Penney’s

2013, August 10 - 10:14

image/jpeg iconWilliam-Ackman.jpg

Mr. Ackman is the largest shareholder of Penney. There has been public ruckus with the board of J. C. Penney that sent letters and news releases flying on Thursday and Friday, taking his activism to another level.

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Asus , Nvidia pile on Microsoft over its struggling Windows RT OS

2013, August 10 - 09:09

image/jpeg iconNvidia-MIcrosoft1210.jpg

Taiwanese device maker Asus and chip-maker Nvidia are the latest tech companies to have piled on Microsoft over its struggling Windows RT operating system --- while Asus has revealed that it will not make another Windows RT-based tablet, Nvidia has implied in a statement that its Tegra sales had suffered a blow from Windows RT issues.

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Amazon is reportedly developing Qualcomm-powered Amazon-branded TV console

2013, August 10 - 09:03

image/jpeg iconamazon052050.jpg

According to a recent Game Informer report, Amazon is apparently working on an Amazon-branded TV console, which will be an Android-based device and will use apps available at the Amazon Appstore for Android.

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Asus MeMO Pad HD 7 – a compelling budget tablet

2013, August 10 - 08:58

image/jpeg iconasus-memopad-hd-7.jpg

The new Asus MeMO Pad HD 7 tablet is quite a compelling device, thanks largely to its $150 list price, as well as the fact that the tablet is basically a rebranded and repackaged first-generation Google Nexus 7 equipped with a rear-facing camera and a microSD card slot.

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T-Mobile pulling Apple’s iPhone 5 and 4S from its 'zero dollar down' promotion

2013, August 10 - 08:55

image/jpeg iconT-Mobile020.jpeg

According to a TmoNews report, an internal document released by T-Mobile on Friday has revealed that Apple's iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 handsets are being pulled from the carrier's `zero dollar down' promotion.

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IBM researchers unveil all-new computing architecture based on human brain

2013, August 10 - 08:53

image/jpeg iconIBM454.jpg

At the International Joint Conference on Neural Networks held in Dallas on Wednesday, researchers from IBM unveiled an all-new computing architecture which is based on human brain.

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ITC orders ban on sales and import of some Samsung devices

2013, August 10 - 08:50

image/jpeg iconBan45.jpg

On Friday, South Korean device manufacturer Samsung received yet another setback in its global patents fights with US tech giant Apple, with the US International Trade Commission (ITC) ordering an import ban on some Samsung mobile devices.

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Best Ways of Practicing Needed, says Dr. Anne

2013, August 10 - 08:21

image/jpeg iconMid-Staffordshire-NHS-Foundation.jpg

It is not a hidden fact that the NHS has been facing a number of changes. One of the main problems that have been troubling the NHS is ongoing financial pressure.

Efforts are being made the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust scandal does not get repeated. In order to make sure that positive changes are brought in, the NHS heads have been a lot of pain.

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British Woman Delivers Spain’s Biggest Naturally Born Baby

2013, August 10 - 08:19

image/jpeg iconMaria-Lorena.jpg

Maxime Marin, 40, a British woman who lives in Spain with her Colombian partner, has given birth to Spain's biggest baby born through natural birth.

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Decline Witnessed in Measles Cases

2013, August 10 - 08:14

image/jpeg iconMMR.jpg

As per reports, it has been unveiled that a decline in the measles cases has been witnessed. Public Health England has said though there is a minor rise in the uptake of MMR, decline has been witnessed in the measles cases.

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U.S. woman's 'Lego leg' Video makes her Internet Star

2013, August 9 - 13:35

image/png iconChristina-Stephens.png

Last month Christina Stephens posted a prosthetic leg on YouTube and became an internet sensation.

She is 31 and unfortunately came across an accident that took away her foot. She lost her foot in an accident. Since then she has been experimenting with her foot. Lego leg video of hers has gone viral on the internet.

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